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Examples of Water Damage Restoration

Water disasters can cause a tremendous amount of damage without the results being immediately obvious. California Emergency Services is highly experienced with both small and catastrophic sized water damage disasters as well as the cleanup of both clean and contaminated water. California Emergency Services can respond to a water disaster immediately and begin mitigating the damage. After identifying the source of the water and its content, CES will analyze the affected areas, record room dimensions and structural factors. Moisture readings are taken with a penetrating moisture meter, a non-penetrating moisture meter and a moisture pro, which is used for hardwood flooring and subfloor under hardwood and insulation. These meters help pinpoint all affected areas. We will also take hygrometer readings (humidity and temperature). Based on these findings, CES will then determine a plan of action to best approach the specific disaster and discuss this approach with you.

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Removing water with rescue mats. Notice the water being extracted through negative pressure. California Emergency Services utilizing
special equipment to dry a hardwood floor.
Water intrusion into a bedroom. New Year's Eve 2005, the homeowner
has suspicion of water in crawl space.
California Emergency Services removed the plywood and ...YES! There was water. Upon more investigation....
  Specialty Drying Equipment

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